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Midwest Mountain Engineering cover photo

Midwest Mountain Engineering

Innovative clutch and brake levers

"Clever Levers" engineered to reduce both finger fatigue and arm pump thus increasing endurance during high intensity conditions. The CLever’s compact length allows for either a one or two finger operation. With its easy set up and minimal installation time these levers provide a distinct advantage to any type of rider or racer over all other stock and after market levers.

Pit Bull Products cover photo

Pit Bull Products

Don't run with the pack...Lead it

Pit Bull celebrates over 20 years of providing high-quality, American-made products for sport bikes. Look for the stand with the distinctive look of a pit bull. Over the years, several companies have attempted to sell cheap, imported imitations of our stands. Put simply, they don't measure up. Pit Bull exists because of customer loyalty and feedback. As always, satisfaction is 100% guaranteed including a good fit for your sport bike. Thank you for choosing Pit Bull products.

Huntsville, AL
Yamaha Champions Riding School cover photo

Yamaha Champions Riding School


Welcome to the Yamaha Champions Riding School. We want to change your motorcycle riding life. How? Our coaching curriculum follows two overarching principles: 1-How the best riders in the world ride. 2-How a modern motorcycle is designed to be ridden. YCRS focuses on what the best riders do, how the bike was designed, and we apply those techniques to whatever experience or speed each student has and to whatever bike they choose to ride. What? The Champ school comes in three flavors: ChampSchool is our premier two-day program, ChampDay is our single-day school and ChampStreet is our four-hour street-riding clinic. You can ride your own bike in each class, but our perfectly-prepared Yamaha R6s are available to rent in ChampSchool, and available to YCRS graduates in ChampDay. The Goods: We have top-shelf AlpineStars gear and Arai helmets you can rent. ChampSchool adds breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each of the three programs are intensive, hands-on learning experiences with minimal classroom sitting and maximum motorcycle riding. Rules and Schools: Our coaching staff works under a single rule: The students get what they need. That’s it. Customer satisfaction is our first, second and third priority. Our winters are spent at Inde Motorsports Park in Arizona with summers centered around New Jersey Motorsports Park, with occasional forays to tracks like Brainerd International. Who comes? Individual student attention is high because this sport must be specifically taught. Each class will hold a mix of riders, from a first-time beginner to a MotoAmerica participant. We have a majority of street riders attend, but we are very popular with track-day riders and racers. More YCRS Programs: Riders looking for private coaching can hire a YCRS Senior Instructor during any of our schools. Yes, private or semi-private coaching from the best in the business. Clubs or industry groups often hire a YCRS Senior Instructor as a guest speaker or bring them in for chalk talks and parking-lot clinics. Our off-track presentations are sought-after by the International Motorcycle Shows, the Marine Corps, MotoAmerica and all the US Grans Prix since 2006. We have a Youth program that young racers can take advantage of. And what ties all this together? Champions Habits aimed at making you a consistently amazing rider. But I don't race: YCRS is an annual stop for some pretty impressive groups too, from the N2 Trackdays owners to the Harley-Davidson engineering staff. Yep, the HD boys have attended YCRS for the last ten years running…so don’t worry about what bike you ride, worry about how you’re riding that bike! “Life Changing” Those are the words our graduates use when describing their experience at YCRS. We believe motorcycle riding instruction in America has been going down the wrong path for about 30 years now. YCRS is on a Crusade to change how our sport is taught, and those changes save lives and grow our industry. Be a part of it. Give us a chance to be your coaches: We’ll change your life.<>

Millville, NJ
Motool cover photo


Enjoy Your Ride!

Motool is a small, cutting-edge company from Portland, OR. Our mission is to bring the highest quality, most innovative products to market to help make your life easier, more informed and more fun. We believe in pushing the boundaries to find the far edges of what is possible and never giving up.

Portland, OR